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DIY Modules

Here are links to details of the few DIY modules that I have built over the years. Most have been designed and built from scratch, though the Blacet Dark Star Chaos was built from a bare PCB:

Ladder SVF A 12dB lowpass VCF, formed from two transistor ladder filter sections arranged in a state-variable-like structure.

LMF100 Switched-Capacitor Filter A 24dB lowpass VCF, built around the National Semiconductor LMF100 switched capacitor filter chip.

DC Voltmeter A large, centre-zero, illuminated, moving-coil DC voltmeter.

Phase Meter & Phase Shift Oscillator A ±180° phase meter, with a simple phase-shift oscillator with four phases.

Stepped CV Generator Generates a uniformly stepped CV, to aid the plotting of filter response curves.

Stereo LED VU Meter A VU meter built around a Velleman dual LED VU meter kit.

Blacet Dark Star Chaos built up from a bare PCB.

Like many other people I have more than several projects on the go at the same time, so the rate of 'closure', i.e. actually producing a completed module, can sometimes be painfully slow!

[Page last updated: 25 Sept 2011]