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PE Minisonic Articles/Schematics

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Following on from the Practical Electronics magazine PE Sound Synthesizer of 1973, the magazine published a series of five articles on the smaller Minisonic synthesizer at the end of 1974/start of 1975; later there then followed the Minisonic 2. The Minisonic 2 articles are available in several places on the web, for example here, linked from Julian Bunn's interesting page on his Minisonic 2. Recently I have come to understand that the articles for the original Minisonic are not on the web, so I have quickly scanned them and included them here (the first four files are all about 4megs big):

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Note there were a few errata too:

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And finally I noted that a PCB plus kit of parts became available, so I scanned an advert for that too—considering the cover price of the magazine was 30p, the 43 asking price for the lot strikes me as quite expensive, and was certainly way beyond my means back then!:

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