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Teleton SAQ-206B '16-watt Solid State Stereo Hi-Fi Amplifier'

I get a steady trickle of hits on the two SAQ-206B-related images that used to be linked on the VU Meter page, so I decided to make a new dedicated page, and add some other information that I have on this amplifier.

Here is a larger, much better scan of the image on the front cover of the user manual, and the user manual itself:


I also discovered that I had a second schematic, but rather than the component layout on the PCB, this is coupled with the component layout of the entire amplifier. It is also lacking some of the voltages given on the first, and also I noted that the fuse value is given as 1A, whereas the first file shows 1.5A, which is what mine is fitted with—it is possible there are other minor differences too, I haven't checked in detail, so I simply don't know... [Both files are around 7Mb big.]:


It appears I was also interested in whether it shared the same circuitry as its 'sister' amplifier, the SAQ-307, which had sliders for the tone controls (rather than the rotary pots on the '206B), which I felt didn't make it look as good—so much so that I evidently wrote to Teleton asking them if this was the case or not. The answer was 'yes', as this reply from them shows (I have little idea of why this letter has survived so long with the other documentation I have!):

Occasional feedback I receive from this page suggests that there isn't a great deal about Teleton out there on the web, be it on amplifiers, tuners or whatever. Remembering that I had kept these two 'pocket guides' from the early Seventies:

I wondered whether either might contain anything relating to Teleton, and in the 'Planning and buying Hi-Fi' one I indeed discovered that there was an advert, for their CR-55 and TFS-50LA tuners:

Both the books are 'copyright 1971', and I probably bought them soon after they would have been printed, and considering I bought my first (second-hand) motorbike about five years later for £220, to me these tuners would have seemed real 'high end' stuff, and been completely out of my economic reach at the time!

[Page last updated: 09 Dec 2012]