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Synth Related

The `Synth DIY' mailing list is an active community of avid synth DIYers, both analogue and digital.

Muff Wiggler's forum is fast becoming the de facto coolest place on the web to hang-out and chat about modular synthesis (and if you think the name is a little bit 'off', then it must be in your mind, as it innocently named after a couple of old effects pedals—well, OK, so it is a little mischievous by design!)

The Yahoo! Doepfer A-100 Group is an active group dedicated to the A-100 System (access requires group membership). Dieter Doepfer himself is a regular contributor, providing feedback to users' queries (if he has the time!) and news of up-and-coming modules.

Doepfer Musikelektronik - makers of the A-100 Analog Modular System.

EMIS - UK distributor of Doepfer products.


SIMetrix Technologies, makers of 'SIMetrix', a very capable mixed-mode SPICE-based simulation package.

Pico Technology Ltd make a variety of PC oscilloscopes. As well as standard oscilloscope functionality through their 'Picoscope' software, they also supply `PicoLog', which can be used for logging data over longer time intervals.

PC TeX from the Personal TeX, Inc., is a LaTeX development tool for Windows (a lazy alternative to the messy business of downloading the standard distribution...).

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